Black Dolla Indy

This project is great example of a clean, very modern, and slightly abstract design for a 10x10 tent kit with canopy

Black Dolla Indy (BDI) is a social networking & advertising company originally created for African American residents living in the Indianapolis area.  BDI's social media platform is not a black business directory; but rather, a consumer page with the black business in mind.

The logo that the customer provided was great for social media posts and their website, but was not suitable for large format printing.  Display Outdoors had to upscale and then vectorize the logo so that it would print crisp and clear on a 10x10 tent.  We also utilized our large stock photography library to create complimentary design elements for the half side and full back wall.

This design is great because it's modern, slightly abstract, and straight-forward promotion of their website. 

Products Showcased:

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