10x10 Tent with Canopy

Looking for a way to advertise on a budget while also showcasing your company and brand in a big way?  You can't go wrong with a 10x10 custom branded tent with canopy.

Turn the great outdoors into a promotional opportunity. Attract attention and stand up to the elements with a branded canopy tent. A colorful 10x10 custom canopy is a great option if you work farmers markets, festivals or even a community block parties.  A tent with logo can be customized with lots of options and add-ons to accommodate your needs.

The first step is to design your canopy with your logo so that its clearly visible.  Take things a step further by showcasing your brand on an optional back-wall for your tent.  The back-wall is a perfect opportunity to present images, menus, taglines, and more.  Easily add sidewalls to reinforce your brand and exposure.  Sidewalls are a complimentary way to showcase your brand to visitors walking by.

What should I display on the tent canopy?

Keep it simple.  A logo and a tagline is all you need.  You want to be easily visible if you're in a crowd and you want your message to be easily explanatory for what services or products you're offering.

What should I display on the tent back-wall?

The back-wall is an open canvas, but ideally you should stick with a single image, a menu (depending on obstructions), or your logo.  Very often in a 10x10 tent scenario the back-wall is going to be partially obstructed by viewers/operators so it's important to not present critical information on your back-wall.

What should I display on the tent side-walls?

The side walls of a 10x10 tent are viewable at ground level and they're a great opportunity to showcase your brand and your services.  Be sure to not over-crowd the space, but also be sure to show your logo, tagline and any services that you may offer. 

Why choose a 10x10 tent with canopy?

It's quite simple.  A 10x10 tent offers the biggest bang for your buck with a great footprint for a festival, food-truck, trade show, and more.   A 5x5 generally is too small for most use-cases and out a 10x20's cost is too large for most individuals or companies when they are just starting out.

What else will I need?

Branded 10x10 tents with canopy's are often enough, but if you need additional options look for back-walls, side-walls, flags, and table throws to help compliment your products or services.  Display Outdoors offers kits that include everything you will need for your next farmers market, festival, trade show, or any event.

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