Outdoor Display Artwork and Design Assistance

Sometimes you need a little help when it comes to creating artwork for your outdoor signs, tents, flags and more.  Not everyone has access to a marketing firm, or design agency to create custom branded artwork.  That's why Display Outdoors offers artwork and design assistance for all of the displays and signs that we sell.

We offer three tiers of artwork and design services.  Each tier is design to maximize efficiency and cost for each of our product categories.

Tier 1
The first tier is our design and artwork assistance that costs $100.  This tier is ideal for some of our more basic products that generally don't require extensive graphic element layout.  These categories include small signs, flags, and table covers.  Generally the best design practices for these categories is a simple logo placement, tagline, and a background color or image.

Tier 2
Our 2nd tier is our design and artwork assistance that costs $200.  This tier is ideal for our larger and more extensive displays.  This services covers tents, large wall displays, banner stands and hanging banners.  These categories offer a great marketing opportunity for you or your company and it can pay off to have a well designed and cohesive showpiece.  A successful design for a tent, large wall, or banner stand typically needs more than just a simple logo placement and tagline.

Tier 3
Our third tier is a supplemental option for when you've already purchased one of the above services for a primary product, but still need design services for additional products.  This tier is only $50, but requires that you've purchased either our tier 1 or 2 artwork and design assistance products.

With all three tiers we offer unlimited design revisions, but they are limited by time.  We offer up to 3 rounds of revisions within 7 business days, however each round of revisions after the first 3 will require an additional 1-3 business days.

Please note that at this point none of our design and artwork assistance services include logo design, custom branding, or extensive photo manipulation.

Please also note that we offer design templates for all of our products and it's not required to use our design and artwork assistance services.  There is absolutely no additional cost if you download our templates and provide print-ready artwork per our artwork guidelines.

Wether you need design assistance or have print-ready artwork we look forward to working with you.

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