At what point in the process should I upload my art?

Ideally you will use the artwork upload option on the product page prior to adding your display product to your cart.  This will ensure that your artwork can be easily located and associated with your order.  At any point you can also utilize the artwork upload link at the bottom of every page.  Just be sure to be explicit with the related contact details.

How long will it take to proof my art?

We ask for 1 full business day from the time we receive the art to time we will provide digital proofs.   If for any reason your artwork does not meet our quality standards we’ll provide you with information on what needs to be corrected and we’ll need an additional 1 full business day from receiving revised artwork.

Where do I upload my art?

At any time you can upload print-ready artwork (setup on our templates) using the our upload link in the footer of every page.  If you need custom design and artwork assistance, after purchase we'll provide you with a link to a form to upload any artwork that you may have as well as provide us with any notes in regard to your custom design.

What file type should I upload my art in?

As stated in our Artwork Guidelines, we prefer final artwork to be sent in PDF, Ai, EPS or a PSD file, although we do accept high-resolution image files, as well as Adobe Indesign. Please note that Indesign files require that you also send the linked elements. Please also note that modifications to Flattened PSD files and Image formats such as JPEG, PNG, and TIFF are very limited. WE DON'T ACCEPT Canva files at this time.

What resolution should my art be?

As stated in our Artwork Guidelines, the DPI of your images when placed on our templates should be a minimum of 72 DPI and a maximum of 150 DPI. A select few of our templates have been created at half scale so that they are compatible with Photoshop and Illustrator’s maximum canvas size. For templates that are designed at half scale, you need to double the DPI to a minimum of 200 DPI. A good way to double check the DPI of your embedded images is to zoom in to your artwork at 100% .

Where do I find the graphic templates for my display?

Templates can be found at the bottom of every product page.

Does Display Outdoors offer graphic design services? If so, how much does it cost?

We do offer graphic design services.  Depending on the specific product there is an additional flat cost.  Graphic design assistance may also extend the time (3-7 business days) needed to prepare and produce your order.

Order Process

Do you offer quantity pricing?

Yes, we offer quantity pricing on many of our products and outdoor displays. If you are interested in quantity pricing please contact our sales department through our contact us page.

What payment options are available?

We accept all major credit cards as well as payments through Paypal, Apple Pay and Google Pay

How can I order a display?

All orders should be placed online through our website.

How does your order process work?

  1. The order process starts when you place an order online through our website (Please Note: Uploading art alone does not place an order)
  2. You will immediately receive an order confirmation and if needed a sales representative will reach out to confirm shipping information, in-hand dates, display information, etc.
  3. If ordering a display with a full color custom graphic, your project will be assigned to one of our in-house designers who will send you an introduction email to begin the proofing process.
  4. After you've upload your print-ready art or filled out the custom design brief, your assigned designer will review your art/info and send digital proofs and or mockups of your design.  If needed we'll reach out with a list of corrections within 1 business day.  Each artwork revision require 1 business day for proofs.
  5. Once art is approved and all details verified, Display Outdoors will send the order into production
  6. After production, Display Outdoors will send you a tracking email detailing tracking information for all pieces of the order

Display Information

I see most of your graphics are printed using dye sublimation, what is that?

“The process is distinctive in that it creates graphics by using inks – disperse dyes – in their gas form. First, graphics are printed onto transfer paper. Using a heat press, the transfer paper is then placed on the item you’re decorating. The heat allows the dried inks on the transfer paper to turn from a solid form into gas and penetrate the polyester fabrics.

When heated, the polymers in the polyester encourage the inks to bond, which creates permanent graphics that are fully embedded into the material. 

What if my order arrives damaged or defective?

Please see our Refund Policy section for more information. If your product arrives damaged due to manufacturing defects we will fix or replace your product at no cost to you. If your product is damaged or defective, please reach out within 3 business days of receiving the product to request a return authorization number. Packages returned to our location or our supplier's warehouses without an authorization number will be refused upon delivery.

What is your return and exchange policy?

As stated in our Refund Policy section, There is a 15% restocking fee for returned items that are not damaged. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs and the restocking fee unless the product is damaged or defective. Please contact us within 7 days if you intend to return any item to our store. Many of our items are not eligible for this returns policy, such as custom-printed graphics or made-to-order exhibits. Items returned to us after 7 days will not be accepted.

What type of warranty comes with my display?

As stated in our Refund Policy section, many of our products carry lifetime warranties against manufacturing defects and almost all carry at least a limited one year warranty. Please check the product description of the specific product for more detailed information about the returns policy and/or warranty information for that product. Individual product warranty information for each display is located in the “Additional Documents” area of the “View instructions, Videos, and Additional Resources” drop-down section on each product page.

How do I clean my graphics?

Most of our fabric graphics are machine washable. Just be careful and use a very low tumble setting. Additionally, all the fabric graphics can be dry cleaned. Please see the Fabric Care Instructions document for your specific graphic. This form is located under the “View Instructions, Videos, and Additional Resources” drop down tab on each product page.


Can you ship using my UPS/FedEx Account?

We don’t currently offer the option to use your own account for shipping, however we do offer very competitive rates that are often less expensive than personal accounts.

Where do your displays ship from?

We work with production teams all over the United States. Where your display will ship from depends on what display you are ordering. Most individual product pages will list the ship from address in the “Shipping” area of the “Product Details” section.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally. As stated on our Shipping Policy page, UPS is our default carrier, and Display Outdoors will ship your package anywhere in the world as long as UPS visits your country. We have shipped trade show exhibits and accessories to a number of different locations, but we most commonly ship within the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and France.

How long does it take to receive my display?

Many of our displays can be delivered to the contiguous U.S. within (3-7) business days after order processing and art approval.